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What A Purr-fect Idea! Why Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ Needs A Proper Reboot

Halle Berry is no stranger to the superhero genre. Since 2000, she has played Storm in Marvel’s #XMen films. However, people may (or may not) remember her short stint in a DC film. Yep, Berry played a role in a DC film while serving as a Marvel hero. What was this film exactly? Well, it was Pitof’s 2004 film, #Catwoman. The film became a massive box office failure. While it is not exactly the world’s worst film it ranked amongst them.

Catwoman ended up getting panned by the critics, gaining a 9% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Although, the audience score is 18%, according to the website. Rotten Tomato’s Critics Consensus says:
“Halle Berry is the lone bright
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The story would revolve around Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. Currently, it is unknown whether the film will follow the comics. If the film becomes a success, there might be a chance Catwoman gets a second shot at redemption.

4. Mythology Behind The Story
Pitof’s Catwoman wasn’t exactly inspired by the Selina Kyle cat burglar. The storyline came from an Egyptian myth where cats were a symbol of resurrection. The legend comes to fruition when Patience is brought back to life by Egyptian Mau cats.

If Catwoman becomes the subject of a newer, more accurate film, the mythology of the story. A Catwoman reboot would delve into Selina’s story and how the cat fits into her moniker, other than Selina being a cat burglar. The mythology could take a deeper look into her femme fatale beginnings. This could include how she becomes a target of attraction for Batman.

Five Potential Storylines That Could Be Used For A
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This next series highlighted Slam Bradley’s mission to find a presumably dead Selina.

In the story, Bradley manages to track down Selina’s ex-boyfriend, Bruce Wayne. However, he gets thrown out of Wayne’s office. Bradley knows full well the police believe Kyle as being dead. He is unaware that Catwoman and Selina are the same woman. Upon returning to his own office, Bradley finds Selina waiting for him.

Catwoman: Three Piece Suit
Three Piece Suit followed the crossover story, War Games. War Games continued the story Of Cats and Dogs.

Batman: Sisters In Arms
After Jim Gordon ends up in the hospital, Sarah Essen goes looking for Catwoman. Bruce Wayne starts an allegiance with Joe Potato while investigating the white slave trade.

Essen finds Catwoman living with Arizona, a young woman similar to Holly Robinson. Holly had once been an old friend of hers who also took up the mantle of Catwoman. A psychologist dares Selina to steal one of the Karnak cat statues. However, she had to do it live on television. Selina decides to do it.

Catwoman: The

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