Essay on Cass 11 Apple Inc.: People and Design

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CASS 11 Apple Inc.: People and Design
Apple sells stylish and functional computers as well as variety of electronic devices, and it operates retail stores. Describe the forces for change tht best help Apple keep its creative edge. With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, there has been an intense spotlight focused on both the man and the company he built. Most of the attention has rightfully been focused on Jobs’ passion and creativity, as well as the remarkable period of innovation he preside. As a symbolic leader, the man not only once saving the company from bankruptcy but also building up a well-known brand that had integrate with our daily life – Apple.
When you think about Apple’s products, what words come to mind?
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The great “power” of sharing power in the change process lies with unlocking the creativity and experience of people within the system.
Change Leadership
A change leader takes initiative in trying to change the behavior of another person or social system. From the organization of the Apple, Steve Jobs applying the top –down change model that phrase the change initiatives come from senior management. A change leadership with top-down model enquire the characteristic of willing to take high risk, seize opportunity, make things happen and others few. The determination of Steve Jobs to alliance with Apple’s former rival, Microsoft brings a forward pace to Apple Computer. But then he revokes licenses and allowing the production of Mac clones and started offering Macs over the Web through the Apple Store. The right decision making by Jobs have included successes of growing approximately 35% of operating profits in the computer market and 66% of the market share.

Review what the analysts are presently saying about Apple. Make a list of all of the praises and criticisms, organize them by themes, and put them in the priority order you would tackle them if taking over from Steve Jobs as

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