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As we all cashews snacks, appetizer, various sweets, the vegetables in gravy and even chocolate to ENJOY it. So friends, today I'm sharing with you the health benefits of cashew goodness (Cashew benefits and nutrition for health).

Nuts (Cashew nut) sweet, soft and dry fruits kidney shape which is very tasty. Natural vitamin pills are also known as cashews which our body energy, protein, Antioxidants, Minerals and vitamins as well as offers the same health of the papers is also useful in many ways. Cashew production of 4.1 billion pounds, it was ranked first in the nuts crops. Cashews for hundreds of years to promote good health is being used.

Cashew nuts as a storehouse of energy has its own special identity. Cashew nuts in a shell downwards out of its fruit as seed remains stuck. Cashew iron, zinc, potassium,
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The benefits of cashews (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION)

Cashew benefit (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION) - 1: weakness and weight increase

Nuts high calorie diet is counted. This immediately removes this weakness.

Grind 30 g cashews. 150 ml water and mix it well.
Then mix and filter. This becomes cashew milk.
Cashew milk should drink daily at any time.
1 week can drink it. Very quickly get away from the strength and weakness as well as weight increases.

Cashew benefit (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION) - 2: itching, white patches of home remedies

Cashew oil is also rich in medicinal properties and it is very beneficial, especially skin diseases.

The cashew oil itching, white patches, eczema, etc. must apply daily on days 1 times.
This itching, white patches, lots of skin diseases, including eczema are cured.
Cashew nut oil is very hot, so the skin can cause irritation or blisters. So check it carefully before putting in very low concentrations and should be used only in small quantities should be under the supervision of a

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