Case Study : ' Space ' Warehouse ' Essay

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Space MetroShoe Warehouse is located in Edmond, Oklahoma and it utilizes its space to send a message to its customers and, too tell them what its store is about. The arrangement of merchandise and decorations are meant to bring a warm welcome into the store. On the surface, the primary message of the space seems to be welcoming customers into the store to look around, but a closer look will reveal that the message could also be if you have money you can enjoy the products. The store is located off the Turnpike and on an outlet mall called Qual. Connected next to the store is Old Navy on the left and the store to the right of it is closed down. Our store sells more high end quality products than Old Navy. The message that our store also will send is that our products are more reliable than our competitors. Being off the turnpike, a lot of cars will drive by the store. The parking for MetroShoe isn 't biggest but it isn 't the smallest either. Being where we are located sends a message that we get a lot of customers driving by our store and coming in and out of the store as well. According to Kunstler “The public realm has to inform us not only where we are, geographically, but it has to inform us were we are in our culture” (Ted Talk). The room is rectangular in shape with aisles going from the middle to the back. There are big windows in the front of the store and those are the only windows. In front of the windows are banners and managuans with our…

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