The Heard Museum Essay

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The Heard Museum
The Heard museum was founded in 1929 by Dwight and Maie Heard, and has become internationally recognized for its collections, education programs, and festivals. The museum prides itself on portraying Native arts and culture in a sensitive and accurate way, while telling the story of American Indian people with art. I had no preconceived ideas about the museum, I knew a lot about Native Indians, First Nations peoples in certain tribes, but I also knew there is more to learn, therefore, like in any other new experience, I approached it with an open mind. As the tour began, it was explained that the Native Indians lands in Arizona once encompassed the entire state and more. However, their lands currently only cover a small percentage
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Native Indians where nomadic peoples, whether following a heard or finding new land to winter at, this allowed them to be self-sustaining and very spiritual people. There was a feeling of calmness upon entering the museum and throughout the tour of the first floor, yet the second floor, the boarding school exhibit was very somber, almost eerie with the dimed walkway and spotlights shining on pictures with quotes on them such as; “Your son died quickly, without suffering, like a man. We have dressed him in his good cloths and tomorrow we will bury him the way the white people do,” Captain Richard Pratt, 1880. In 1879, “The Carlisle Indian Industrial School,” the first boarding school, was opened in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, by Captain Richard Pratt. To set the tone for this exhibit one must read the words which Colonel Pratt spoke in 1892, "A great general has said that the only good Indian is a dead one," "In a sense, I agree with the sentiment, but only in this: that all the Indian there is in the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him, and save the man" (Pratt, 1892). The concept of the boarding schools was to remove the Native Indians from their homes, relocating them hundreds of miles away, to disenfranchise them from their culture, in …show more content…
Of course, I did not eat because you can get food (fish taco, street tacos, menudo, barbacoa) and aqua Fresca’s (most being a fruit drink), listen to live music, shop for just about anything you can think of (New and Used). For the children there were pony rides and small animal petting area (calf, sheep and piglets). A place you go on the weekend and spend the day with your friends and family. The first mistake I made was assuming (preconceived idea), which as a counselor is something one should never do. Therefore, I was a little surprised to find a small, quaint business with one small entry. Upon entering, we were courteously greeted by a women who was just inside the front door. There was a young girl sitting in a chair with a Pomeranian puppy in her lap, and a young boy running around close by. We ventured through the store, walking up and down each of the isles, admiring all of the different products. Items on the shelves ranged from Aztec to Día de los Muertos figurines and from very vividly painted to subdued in color. There was stem ware and tea setting and multiple types and colors of Crucifix’s along with plates with Jesus on them. Plates and posters of Francisco “Pancho” Villa and Freda Kahlo added to the overall feeling of religion and pride. I stepped out the back door to find Clay pottery and

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