C6 Return On Investment

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Return on Investment (ROI)
This KPI measures how much revenue a C6 marketing campaign is generating compared to the cost of running that campaign. In other words, ROI answers these fundamental C6 questions, "Are we recouping what we spend on marketing in new sales?”.
C6 can track ROI by looking at the number of leads generated through the C6 marketing campaign, such as a banner ad or AdWords campaign. C6 will need to determine the opportunity value of each lead. C6 needs to find their average value per win and divide that value by your average lead to win ratio. Wins are considered new customers generated by the effective appeal of the campaign.

Revenue/Cost per attendee

These are good specifics for evaluating the effectiveness of C6 events
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Is your traffic continually increasing or is it dropping? Not only do you need to ensure that your traffic is meeting the goal you set for the month, but also make sure your visitor to lead conversion rate is between 2 to 4 percent.
Cost per Click (CPC)
This is the best measure to compare any of the myriad marketing digital activities to each other. After a while, C6 can reject activities that don't meet their benchmark and do more of those that exceed C6 benchmarks.

Cost per Thousand Exposures (CPM)
This is a good measure to determine reach. Cost per click and cost per thousand exposures should be considered together when evaluating the results of C6 activities. Budget limits can be kept in check with this measurement, as it shows the cost to C6 in a ratio with level of
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Content and brand message diffusion occurs through social networks. With just a few social shares, C6 can reach target audience and content can expand exponentially. By using social media widgets, referral links to a social page or sign-ins can help C6 track the amount of up-votes, retweets and number of shared user groups. Social sharing KPI’s help C6 to scope how many key audience outreach they have, what the demographics are of these people and how they relate to communicating an effective C6 campaign message.

Brand Effectiveness
Brand Persuasion Score measures the percentage of customers who say that the strength of the C6 brand was a major influence of the purchasing decision. The measure is usually collected through a survey and use of web analytical tools at C6’s disposal. The use of a Likert indexing system can be the most appropriate measure to accurately scope the effectiveness. C6 will use this tool to collect feedback and use it with the 1 month report evaluation per quarter to refine its approach as the quarters draw closer to the end of the

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