Case Study: Promotional Campaign For Volkswagen

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Promotional campaign for Volkswagen new hybrid car
1. Introduction:
Car manufacturer Volkswagen is planning to launch a new hybrid eco-friendly, small car in Europe and China in September 2016. The car is named “Hope” in the Europe, which means something good which will happen in the future. In the Chinese market, the car is named “An Xiang”, which means comfortability and safety in mandarin. The campaign has a budget of £ 100,000 which will be used to undertake the tactics and restore VW’s brand reputation. According to Gregory (2010:44), ten stages of planning include analysis, objective, publics, messages, strategies, tactics, timescales, resources, evaluation and review. Research summary, objective, publics, strategy and tactics, evaluation,
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In Europe, competition is intense.There are approximately 20 brands of hybrid car in the Europe now when compare with just one in 2007 (ICCT, 2013).Volkswagen will face great difficulties if global competitors such as Toyota and South Korean carmakers who use their financial advantages to cut prices (Hbr, 2015).
2. In china, the competition of VW from both foreign makers and domestic manufacturers (Trefis, 2015). The competitors includeds the American GM, Toyota, and the local brand, BYD (Trefis, 2015).
BYD launched the hybrid car F3DM which can be as inexpensive as £5,500, and go all the way up £15,000 in price (BYD, 2015). Volkswagen has no competitive advantage in price compared with BYD.
In the interview and the feedback from questionnaires, most customers considered that Toyota have a better price ratio when compares to Volkswagen. However, the reason they select Volkswagen is its high degree of safety. Hence, high safe efficiency should be its key points.
· Media platform:
1. In Europe, the main digital platforms of Volkswagen are Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. We will set up different kind of new social media accounts for this
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To build strong corporate culture and positive brand image
· Attitude
To maintain its dominance in the Europe and China.
To improve its reputation through PR activities, show the Volkswagen a responsible figure, and minimize the negative force of emission scandals.
To strengthen the relationships with different sector of the society.
To make good use of digital media and keep a favorable position. Attract more people to Volkswagen’s social website page and built up a long term relationship with it customers.
To get an 5% increase of sales in Europe and 6% increase of sales in China in the February 2017.
To Construct Websites of the new hybrid car and the campaign, and gain more than 800,000 clicks in six-month period .To create a new account on social media platforms, and gain more than 2,000,000 followers and 800,000 participants in digital media activities.
To gain at least 1,000,000 likes, 800,000 shares, 500,000 comments in digital media activities during six-month period.
To be mentioned 100 times by the newspaper and covered more than 15 national media in Europe.
To be mentioned 100 times by the newspaper and covered more 15 national media in

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