Case Study On Speech/Language Impairment Student

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Aiden is a 6-year old 1st grade boy classified as Speech/Language impairment student. He is currently in an integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class. Aiden has a full time Health Para for health and safety concerns due to his being diagnosed with Dechenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. According to Aiden’s paraprofessional, he has two brothers who has the same condition. One of his brother is in 5th grade and is in wheelchair. The other brother is in 9th grade. The Para described his family, parents, “as a very nice lively people.”
I observed Aiden in his classroom, cafeteria, recess time, and in his gymnasium. Aiden is a very friendly and energetic student. He has
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He tends to repeat himself a lot or tends to repeat questions that is being asked. When I was working with him and I asked him question about the text that he just read about elephant he repeated the question after me. I asked “what claves like to do?” he repeat “what claves like to do”. Not as a question, but as if I have asked him to repeat after me. He does not sit still. He moves in his chair. He squirms in his seat, he jiggles his feet, he taps and moves his pencil in his hand. His Para instructs him to sit properly or stop tapping, but within a minutes or few he is at it again. He also gets distracted by his surrounding, peers, environment or self amusing behavior very easily. He requires a lot of redirection by his teachers and paraprofessional to complete tasks and follow routines. I observed that his Para was continuously asking him to pay attention to the teacher, sit properly and finish his work. He often becomes frustrated during writing activities. If the letters are too big or formed incorrectly he will get annoyed and sometime will start whining and crying. During math class when all the students were asked to do the exercise questions in their math booklets, he was trying to to the work but at one question he got stuck and put his pencils down on his booklet with a frustrating attitude and started to say “I don’t know, I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I don’t …show more content…
He enjoys interacting verbally with his peers. According to the classroom teacher, he does well in mathematics and gets good grades on his math assessments. He benefits from medaling, visual aids and steps to be broken down into simpler ones and redirection into tasks. He is verbal and expresses he needs and want to others. His conversational skills are stronger during social discourse than academic discourse. He gets off topic and needs reminders to use complete sentences or expand on his ideas. He is able to identify letters in isolation and produce the correct sound for the identified letter. He can answer the “wh” questions. However, he has difficulty answering social, academic and question relating to the text. He often sees the nurses, observed by psychologist. He takes psychical therapy and speech classes. To take these classes he is pulled out by someone or taken by his Para from his classroom. According to Aiden’s Para Miss S, he is a very happy, lively, energetic, students. She sad that according to Aiden’s mothers, he likes to clean and help her while cooking. He likes to play with cars. When I asked him what he likes to do on Saturday and Sunday when he does not come to school he said “I eat cookies.” I asked him what does he do before going to bad (in order to know if he reads or someone reads to him), he said “I eat more cookies” I asked him few more questions such as what kind of story books he likes to read,

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