Case Study Old Navy Marketing Strategy

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Old Navy is the little brother store to The Gap. The Gap also place high esteem to their company Banana Republic. The Gap and Banana Republic sells the company’s high end clothing, while Old Navy sells cheaper merchandise. However, Old Navy sales outpace The Gap and Banana Republic combined sales. This paper will analyzing Old Navy 's promotion strategy. It will answer Old Navy’s use of online video to promote. This paper will identified their target group for their promotion. Mobile media for this campaign, what assumptions were made about the viewing habits of this target? Social media increase popularity, what is my recommendation to Old Navy regarding its online strategy?
Keyword: Old Navy; Marketing; Promotions.

This is a memo to critically analyzing Old Navy 's promotion strategy. The company has decided to use online video primarily to promote, rather than marketing over television. First,
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I would recommend that they continue to focus on reaching consumers through social media. Traditional television and radio media continues to be increasing in expense and is trending to be less efficient. Old Navy should continue to use digital devices that are at the fingertips of young teens. Old Navy should focus on making their clothing desirable to the kids. If the kids request it, parent will oblige and purchase the clothing for their kids. I saw that they are advertising around Nickelodeon stars to catch the attention of kids (Maheshwari, 2016). The growing use of tablets, computers, and the internet means kids are targeted. Time will tell if these tactic will work, but I think that it will. If my kids approached me and wanted me to purchase clothing from Old Navy based off an ad on Nickelodeon, I will do it. Their prices are low and they offer military discounts at the stores I

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