Case Study Of Tata Group

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Answer 1:
Tata Group’s mission or purpose of core values is “To improve the quality of life of the communities they serve globally , through long-term stakeholder value creation based on leadership with trust. Also providing the best tooling and service experiences that excite their customers.” The core values of Tata includes:
 Integrity
 Understanding
 Excellence
 Unity
 Excellence
It has served its customers by a large range of products and services such as:
• Tata Chemicals
• Tata Motors
• Indian Hotels
• Rallis
• Tata Power Solar Systems
• World’s cheapest car: Tata Nano
Answer 2:

• The Tata group’s national interest is its commitment to benefit the economic development of the countries where it operates
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Tata Steel
2. TCS
3. Tata Motors
4. Tata Communications
5. Tata Chemicals

Answer 5:
TATA TEA: In order to make its presence globally across the nation in 2000 for 271 million pounds. This was an exposure to the global market. It also acquired Good Earth Tea Company of US in 2005-06.
It also brought 30% stake in IS based Energy Brands Inc. TCS:
TCS was located globally as there was no demand in India. The company exported its services to Europe and North America. 2006-07 TCS acquired 91% of its total revenue from global sale. TCS used M&A in India and overseas to make targeted additions to its capabilities.
Tata Steel:
Tata Steel was established in 1907. It was the largest private steel manufacturing company in 2007. Aquisition was that of Corus in 2007. It has pushed Tata steel and had brought it from 56th to 6th largest steel manufacturing company in the world in the year 2007.
Answer 6:
Tata Global Beverages is the world’s second largest player in tea. TCS is also amongst the top 10 global IT service companies in the world. Tata Steel is also amongst the top 10 steelmakers in the world.
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This has enabled the group to expand their business in various countries of the world and different customer markets as well.
c. Since 90 per cent of car market revenue was coming from the local market so by adapting these brands the company also wants to access the international market .
a. In order to acquire the company, Tata group competed with the Brazilian steel company and also had paid a very high amount from the base value.
b. Tata group has also acquired two luxury car brands which can prove be a stretch for the company since traditionally they are a company which manufactures truck and passenger car for the middle income people of India.
c. Since the company was not able to survive and thus Tata Group also faced great competitions from the U.S. and U.K. based organisations.
d. A huge amount of money was invested by the Tata Group in the NANO project and which targeted two segments simultaneously with huge investment. This could also be one of the reasons for huge loss for them.
Answer 9:
The total revenue for Tata group in the FY 2013-14 was 103.27 billion. Out of 103.27 billion amongst the total revenue, 67.2 per cent was acquired from the business outside

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