Case Study Of Operational Feasibility Of The Bickfords

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Operational is about the system that being used and how well the system operate for the business. It measure the advantage and how well the proposed system solves The Bickfords’ problem.
To conduct operational feasibility of the system, PIECES framework are used because PIECES framework are consider can check the problem and opportunity in the system. To conduct operational system must be follow the PIECES framework words stand for that is :
P – Performance
I – Information
E – Economy
C – Control
E – Efficiency
S – Services

a) Performance
The existing system that used by The Bickfords are wasting time and take a lot time. It also takes many work and effort to do. They have to wait for the drivers
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The customer can only choose the meal from two restaurant and there’s limited choice of menu. The information about the driver also limited because they don’t know when and which driver are free from time to time. But using the system that been proposed, they can add more choices of the meal and they also choose from variety restaurant. The information about the driver also will be more clear and they can straight away get the information about which drive are …show more content…
They waste time on record the order first after that get it to the right restaurant. They also have to wait for hours until the driver finish the previous delivery. The effort that is required for the task also excessive when the customers change order, they have to get back to the original order and inform it again to the right restaurant. Also, they have to do a lot of task when creating a deposit slip for the for the day’s total receipt but using the system that being proposed, they can just database that is more efficient and proper. The arrangement of people in the system also no efficienrt where there are less of driver and they have to wait for the driver to finish the delivery and go on with the next

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