Case Study Of Mark Zuckerberg's 'The Facebook'

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1. Mark Zuckerberg is a programmer in Harvard University, he was approached by the Winklevoos brothers with an idea to create a social network within Harvard that allows only students with a certain email extension to be a user, Zuckerberg agreed to help, but instead created his own social network ‘ The Facebook’ with his best friend Edwardo Saverin as its CFO, after the network was created they began expanding into all the different universities, the Winklevoos brothers tried to get him to stop by sending cease and desist orders but with no prevail, Sean Parker joins the Facebook team and suggests that the name should drop the ‘The’, and from that point on everything starts to run downhill for Mark as he decides to short end his friend Eduardo …show more content…
2.1. Mark had taken someone else’s idea and completely expanded it, though it was not the ethical thing to do, but he was still the first to get it done and present it to everyone, and it being an extremely great success there was nothing anybody could do. Mark possessed something not many people had, he had the guts to take a chance and make something that everyone wanted to be a part of. He also had a vision of where he wanted to take his company and he achieved his visions, he went beyond what he had expected.

2.2. Facebook on the Marco level was able to sustain all the workers they had, also Facebook wasn’t originally created to make money, only later it decided that a profit needs to start being generated in order for the website to continue, what Facebook did well was that it spread like a wild fire among the students at universities, like it was intended by its creators, every user had a bunch of friends that got drawn in by someone using Facebook, it was almost as if it was
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The actions of Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker was unprofessional as well as unethical, in no situation should anybody be taken advantage of and treated like how they treated Eduardo Saverin, also I feel that Zuckerberg has no moral compass as he treated his best friend who supported him through everything like dirt and took away his financial assets within Facebook but not lowering anybody else’s pay. Sean Parker is even worst as he has no professionalism at all, and he practically takes over the company after changing the name of Facebook from ‘The Facebook’ to the now known name of ‘Facebook’. He also has not respect for anyone working for him and steps all over

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