The Struggle Between Mark Zuckerberg And The Social Network

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Due to the recent election, many citizens have begun to speak out and protest against the results. As a consequence of Donald Trump’s victory, the country has arguably become more polarized than ever. Upon Trump 's victory, non-Trump supporters started to channel their rage and confusion and began storming out in protest. These people began to fight back against the result and consequently they began to protest their own government. Were they right to do so? The justification of their actions is interesting because the answer one gives in response can also be seen as a statement of how they view their ideal society. Is it better for people to fight for what believe in or is it better for them to submit in the name of peace? If one sides with …show more content…
The film follows protagonist Mark Zuckerberg as he begins a series of events that would eventually lead him to become the world’s youngest billionaire. The film is basically a bio-flick of Zuckerberg’s rise to fame and success, however, the film also shows that his journey was not a pleasant one. The film shows the struggles that Zuckerberg and the company faced as it became a worldwide social media phenomena. These struggles include lawsuits, issues within company management, and interestingly enough the film also depicts the personal struggle that Zuckerberg faced in the early years of the company. As the film progress, the audience begins to learn more and more about Zuckerberg’s self-centered attitude and individualistic actions. From act one to act three it is very apparent that Zuckerberg is a person who will do whatever it takes to stay on top even if that means cutting ties and performing underhanded tactics. In the climax of the film, the audience sees how Zuckerberg ruthlessly cuts ties with his friend and co-creator Eduardo Saverin by diluting Saverin’s stock from 30% to 0.03%. Zuckerberg’s individualistically driven actions were indeed a contributing factor to his success but they were also as De Tocqueville feared the cause of his eventual isolation. The height of his seclusion is seen at the end of the film, having cut ties with many of his original co-creators and friends Zuckerberg sits alone anxiously waiting to receive a friend request confirmation from his ex-girlfriend. It is clear that while an individualistic society is one that promotes the celebration of one’s self and one’s desires, it is not an ideal society as the self-centered nature of individualism can lead to selfish actions and eventually isolation from

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