Informative Essay On Dog Food

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A female Mini Schnauzer named Maggie and found that after a while of having her, she started chewing on her back & legs with some spots on her looking pretty raw. We examined her and knew she didn't have fleas and we started to worry that her hair wouldn't grow back in the raw areas. We decided to take her to the vet to see what was wrong. The vet had the usual answer of the dog has allergies and could either give her shots (expensive) or try a cream/lotion.

We decided to go to the pet store and get some spray that is supposed to stop them from chewing and soothe the itching. It did help a little but as soon as it dried, she would be back to chewing again. So we started researching what might be cause our Mini Schnauzer to chew on herself.
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So we set out to find a Grain Free Dog Food that also was low fat. Our size dog needs to maintain a certain weight in order to remain healthy. We decided to try Now! Grain Free Senior Formula. Our dog is not a senior but this formula seemed to have everything we were looking for.

So we gradually weened out dog off of the old food we were feeding her (always a good idea to gradually switch dog food) and then by the time she was full time on the new food, we started noticing a change. She was hardly chewing on herself at all. It was starting to work! We did however run into a little problem. Now! Grain Free dog food comes from Canada and something happened with distribution so we couldn't get it in any of our neighborhood stores. So we researched again and found that we can buy it on the internet in 25lbs. bags and save money as well.(see the side category)

We then decided after some more research that we might also try adding some raw dog food into her diet as well. After all, dogs in the wild don't eat kibble style dry dog food. Dogs in the wild eat meat. We found a dog food brand by the name of Stella & Chewy's which is also grain free. They seemed to care a lot about there pet food products and list some of the methods and ingredients at the end of this

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