Food Kills Case Studies

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A 6-year old Akita named Nyoko suffered from a severe form of non-responsive inflammatory bowel disease which led her to loss her long-coated hair and half of her body weight. Nyoko also had bloody diarrhea and developed phobias with the noise coming from fireworks, motorcycles, and thunderstorms. With a positive test for hypothyroidism too, her vet recommended mercy-killing.


Her owner did not lose any hope despite the issue, and learned about NutriScan. It is a food-sensitivity and intolerance test which uses saliva. The test was created by Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM - a veterinary diagnostician and a thyroid expert too. With the help of the NutriScan, it was found out that Nyoko is simply allergic to certain food
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Though food allergies are rare, they still happen. Once this happens, varied symptoms ranging from gastrointestinal issues to skin problems can occur to your canine.

Another dog that recovered from its symptoms once his allergies were pin-pointed was Socrates, a 2-year old Australian shepherd. Socrates had to suffer engorged, pink skin when he was just a mere puppy. He was soon found out to react to chicken, beef, corn, milk, and wheat. They have removed all of these from his diet and from then on, Socrates started to get better and healthy. He currently acts as a therapy dog for autistic children.

One dog worth mentioning too is a 1 1/2-year old Gordon setter, Jagger. He had to deal with skin eruptions that are both benign and infected lesions. It was found out that his food has salmon or salmon oil and fish oil supplements, but after a biopsy, he was treated with a fish and potato diet. Jagger's condition worsened despite the fact that he was given antihistamine too. After NutriScan testing was made, Jagger reacted to pork, corn, venison, peanut, white fish and millet. It was also seen that he had a strong reaction to salmon. After such findings, he was prevented to take fish and fish oil, and his condition got better within days, clearing his skin from

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