Case Study Of Ethics Of Care In Kfc

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Theory 1 Theory that has been used in this situation is maximizing profit. The concept of the theory is to increase the profit of the company to maximum level. The company always gives priority to profit and least bother about other issues. The unethical practice that this company is practicing is preparing unhealthy fast food.Generally, fast food is not healthy to consume. Every age group will be suffering as the consequences of eating fried chicken. The company is advertising the product using children. This is not acceptable because children are being raised with feeding them with unhealthy food. This leads them to have unhealthy method of eating. Children are growing individuals and they are always
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This ethic gives the definition that compassion should be shown on all living things either human or animals. Whoever does not compassion is considered as a cruel person. The problem related to ethics of care in KFC is the chicken are being injected oftenly.The company do not care about how the chicken are being prepared. They do not care about people’s health and they are being served with injected chicken. The purpose for injecting chicken is not to avoid illness in chicken but to make it grow faster.Usually, the chicken will be injected either in wing, leg or neck part. The injection will not only make the chicken to grow faster but it also makes it to become fatter and bigger in size. This is being done just to show the customers that the chicken is big enough to slaughter. Ordinary chicken will only grow to certain size. Only injection can make it to grow even bigger. Generally, this is not safe enough for people to eat because it contains chemicals. People who eat these chickens will not be healthy and might fall sick. Some people might be suffering from cancer too because of eating too much chemicals in injected chicken. This is definitely not a right way to increase the profit of the company. Making people to fall sick just to make profit is unacceptable. Kids should eat green vegetables and fruits. Kid’s health condition should be considered. Kids are easily influenced by the advertisement. They do not know the …show more content…
This situation makes them to lead a stressful life. The workers are seldom get break during working hours. The need to work continuously without having any break.So,some workers get frustrated and show the anger and frustration upon the chicken. This is happening for so long. Workers are also being provided with a place to live but it is not comfortable at all. About ten or more than that will share a small space in chicken breeding farm. The level of convenience is very low there. The company never bothers about this matter. The company usually will hire foreign workers. This is because they want to offer low salary for long hours and local people are seldom show interest to work there.So, the company hire foreign workers and increase company’s profit by reducing the salary. The company is showing unethical behavior. It does show egoism towards the workers in different way. Proper rights should be given to the workers. The company should provide them with acceptable salary with proper place to stay. Working hours should be appropriate too. Workers who are working for long hours should be paid more as overtime

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