Factory Farm Animal Abuse

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Many people don’t realize how badly animals are treated on factory farms. They also have this idea that animals are treated “humanely” on certain factory farms. Animals are not treated humanely on factory farms in any way because no matter what factory farm they get sent to, they are abused, neglected, and forced to live unnatural and unhealthy lives.
Animals on factory farms are abused in so many different ways. For instance, cows are dragged by their legs using machines and hit with hard objects to get them in trailers and pens. Calves are also abused in factory farms. In an article, it states, ”Calves are raised for veal are kept in ‘veal crates’ that prevent turning around during their 16 to 18-week lives” (Fields 26). Keeping animals in small places where they can’t move or do anything can make them miserable and frustrated. It’s also not just a few hundred cows in these factory farms either. For example, in an article, the author
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In the same article, it says, “Some common practices among factory farms include confining hens in battery cages where their movements are severely restricted and confining calves in crates that limit movement for the production of veal” (Bohanec). In another article, it says, “The females are debeaked, toe-clipped, and housed in a "grow-out" facility until they reach egg-producing age. They are then moved to the laying facility and stacked in wire "battery" cages, three to ten birds to a cage, with each cage measuring less than two feet square” (Cassuto 20). Chickens are the most abused animal on factory farms. Pigs are also abused badly though. In one article, it states, “...so farmers often chop off piglets’ tails and use pliers to break off the ends of their teeth—without giving them any painkillers” (16). Many times when factory farm workers perform different procedures on animals, they don’t use any type of anesthesia on them so they just have to endure the

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