David Zinczko's 'Don' T Blame The Eater?

Who is to blame?

Have you been a victim of the so called “ fast food obesity outbreak”? If you call now at one-eight-hundred you 're ignorant, you will receive a free t-shirt that says “ it was all your fault”. Well, in today 's society this so called “fast food induced obesity” is a huge controversy concerning many countries today in time. The common culprits of the obesity issue is fast food, school lunch, and even food people consume at home. Who can we trust? Well many people believe that the consumer should not be responsible for their actions when it come to consuming fast food, which is seen in this piece “ Don 't blame the eater,” by David Zinczenko. Throughout his essay he explains his reasoning with many hard facts and personal
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Are the insufficient labeling at fast food really causing the issues? Well, there are many other ways including food at home in which people over exceed their daily calorie intake. Corrie from ASN says “ Instead, the evidence states that 63-70% of American 's calories come from food purchased at the store” ( Whisner). That other 30 to 36% of calorie intake could be from fast food for some people, but when two thirds of people are receiving this from the grocery store it is clearly not the fast food restaurants causing the problem. This ultimately falls down on the consumers decision making. Who is really to blame for this ever so difficult problem in society? Parents? The school district? Or is it the fast food industry all along? Different people have different beliefs on who is to blame for this crisis in America. Different countries have fast food just like us, establishments including: Mcdonald 's, KFC, and even Burger King, but why are we listed as one of the fattest countries in the world? But the other countries with the same restaurants are not? Well, this is because of home diet, greedy government, and also what students in different countries eat at there …show more content…
What people receive for food at home can and is the major cause of obesity in america. Parents are possibly the main culprit for this problem. This problem is kinda like the saying “ like father like son,” because the habits of the parents will pass on and on. If there is no good role model of how to eat healthily, how will the kids learn? They wont! In larsons piece he says “Results of the study showed that 94 percent of people believed individuals are primarily or somewhat to blame for the rise in obesity, with parents coming in second at 91 percent primarily or somewhat to blame” (Larson). Parenting choices are a huge risk when it come to obesity in america. If the parent is too lenient on what food they consume they may develop many food related illnesses that may be blamed on the fast food industry if the kid has been a frequent consumer of

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