David Zinczenko's 'Don T Blame The Eater'

Americans today are amongst the fattest people within a nation. How can this be? Why are Americans struggling with healthy eating habits? Could it that food is just too tempting to pass up? Today, Americans are in an epidemic state for obesity which can lead to other serious diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease. In the article “Don’t blame the eater”, The author, David Zinczenko expresses his argument towards these questions, suggesting that fast food is cheap and easy to obtain. There is a lack resources for healthy eating, in which some information presented by the fast food packaging does not provide accurate information. Childhood obesity is increasing in American and the cause is fast food. They are cheaper and there are several …show more content…
Generally, a latchkey kid, as Zinczenko summarizes would believe eating out is a more affordable, and an easier option leading to childhood obesity.
Furthering, Zinczenko claims that of the alarming and increasing rate of fast food chains, is increasing type 2 diabetes. Ever-increasing numbers of fast food chains in America, in which the everyday American(s) are passing by. Making it easier for us to increase consumption of unhealthy, and fattening foods. Which can lead to diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. According to Zinczenko, before 1994, Type 2 diabetes only consisted of about five percent of the overall childhood cases. Today, it swells to thirty percent. (463). Diets containing any amounts of fast food has an increased number of calories derived from the ingredients used, and how it’s made. Fast food is meant to be fast, not nutritious. Regarding the increasing rates of fast food chains is increasing the amounts of fast food consumed. Which is already affecting millions of Americans to begin with, which leads to obesity, and can build towards diabetes. The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study and concluded that “Overall, the study suggests that proximity to fast food significantly increases the risk of obesity.” The study Highly suggests that the increase of fast food is related to the obesity epidemic, and the swelling of diabetes in
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(463)” We should, and consuming fast food especially with families should be a reward of some kind. Consequently, it is not seen that way in America being fast, easy, and affordable. There has been some evidence that suggests the consuming fast food becomes addictive to some. Where they may be feel sad, and or agitated which can affect personal responsibility. Another study conducted by Yale student, Ashley Gearheardt found similarities between substance abuse and food cravings using brain imaging. “the dulled restraint-related brain activity that takes place when a food-addicted person drinks a milkshake may parallel what happens with alcoholics who take a sip of alcohol and then can't stop drinking, the findings suggest.” The study suggests the images of food alone can affect the parts of the brain that are responsible for self-control. The sheer numbers of fast food contribute to personal responsibility as everyday passerby in America are influenced by the images of food posted on the establishments. Unhealthy eating habits are caused by this which leads to childhood obesity and personal

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