Djc's Japanese Factory Over American Connector Company

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1. Business Operations Management

Functionally oriented companies, as many business analysts claim, achieve a lower level of performance compared to a business process oriented companies. As such, people realize the success of a certain company in the efficiency and effectiveness of its operation. Realistically speaking, this depends on how management deals with its organization in order to produce goods and services. In the real business world, too many generalizations are being thought of but this paper discusses a strategy on what needs to occur in the organization to satisfy the customer. This is likened to an educational system which first caters to students' needs analysis before probing into the educational curricula. Thus, it is the organization's foremost objective to satisfy the end users, or the customers, besides
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To illustrate this is the case of DJC's Japanese factory over American Connector Company. The Japanese factory was able to succeed over the American company because it tried to confine itself in serving the Japanese markets before going to the American market.
All of the above-mentioned cases is aligned towards a strategy because of location and because of support to customers and approaches to motivation. Thus, it is important for the company to differentiate itself in its designated marketplace. Another is to customize product in order to meet specific needs of customers. These are but examples of cases where it is totally difficult for competitors to match what a rival company does possess.
I think being at "the same game" does not hamper a company's success. The skill at being at that game can be developed or improved with experience and with time. It is also true that the effectiveness of a company's operation is difficult to copy. This is what makes the

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