Extension Agent Essay

The 4-H Extension Agent directly taught 1,635 youth and 85 Educators during 22 separate STEM events:
• 634 K-5th grade children received quality 4-H science program through 4-H Outdoor Classroom Days and through partnership with elementary schools’ outdoor classrooms.
• 200 youth participated in 4-H science activity at the Clay Center for the Arts and Science Engineering Day.
• 132 second, fifth and sixth grade students received in-school STEM training.
• 143 participated in STEM Afterschool programs.
• 40 K-5th graders received a week-long science or Cloverbud day camp
• 486 youth participated in a one-day event such as 4-H STEMtastic Day, Expanding Your Horizons, elementary STEM days, or Kanawha County Pumpkin Drop.
• 137 Campers attended four STEM assemblies during residential
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• 24 Youth participated in two new STEM 4-H Clubs—Plane Janes 4-H Coding Club and the SPIN Pulsar Club.

The extension agent was able to acquire $3,450 to support STEM programming in Kanawha County including the establishment of a new Computer Coding Club and a countywide STEM Maker Day Event. Additional funding ($73,000) from the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation provided a STEM Ambassador, funding for STEM programming at camp, and scholarships for county and state camps.

Evaluation for one-day events most often was observation of youth successfully completing the activity and comments the teachers or students made. Teachers appreciated 4-H coming to their classroom to provide the learning activity. Observations also indicated that youth were able to demonstrate their science skills through successful completion of the STEM activities. For example, using Wedo Robotics, youth were observed to be able to build various robots or motorized machines and program according to the

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