Case Study : Human Resource Management Essay

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Prep Essay: Human Resource Management “Fully 46% of new hires fail and are let go from their jobs within 18 months of being hired. Only 11% of these are for lack of skill, with 89% for reasons of motivation and lack of ‘coachability’” (“Human Resources Fun Facts”). Competition amongst companies goes far beyond customers, it also includes their ‘talent’ or in other words, employees. So how is a company able to recruit, manage, and retain their employees to build an effective work environment? Companies can implement recruitment, selection, and managing tactics to build and train to ensure the successful workplace that they desire. Recruitment is the process of executing a series of activities to gather a pool of individuals with the skill set required for a certain position within a company. The activities can come in a variety of different forms. Many companies look to advertising jobs that are available. These advertisements can be seen through newspapers, websites, and posters. Of course, this not the only way as word of mouth, consultants and agencies, and even contacting schools are effective means to get future employees. These sources come in handy as companies face several obstacles in the recruitment area of Human Resource Management. Some of these obstacles include policies within the workplace, laws around hiring practices, and finding workers who have the necessary skill set while also fitting in with the workplace environment (Nickels). This is why it is…

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