Fitzdonald Hotel Case Study

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As a consequence of answering the questions described above, the recruitment process can be now properly approached. Barber defined recruitment as (1998: 5): “those practices and activities carried on by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees”. Structured recruitment approaches are considered to be part of the best practices in human resources and enhance organization’s performance (Torrington et al. 2014: 112). Through this process companies can create a large pool of applicants and can be done internally or externally, as I will explain later. Due to the organization’s family-like atmosphere and the field where they develop their business, the hospitality industry, the new members
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Internal hiring could be seen as “as a form of career development” (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2005: 172). The management in the Fitzgerald’s Hotel is concerned about how to replicate the same excellent customer service and family-like atmosphere in the new hotel, then, the management should contemplate hiring skilled workers from within the organization to train the new starters. New employees will need training. As experienced workers they are familiar with the procedures, culture and know-how. They could help to ‘spread’ the organization’s culture and the family-like atmosphere since they have a more robust understanding of the company. Also, full time positions could be offered to the part time employees. They know the company, they are familiar with the values and that opportunity can help engaging them. That could be an interesting option for the Fitzgerald’s hotel. There are several other benefits of internal recruitment described by Torrington et al. (2014: 118): Internal recruitment is less expensive since the positions can be emailed or posted in an internal bulletin. Internal workers know the product and can learn new tasks faster or even combine their current job with the new tasks. It is a quick method since the candidates are already workers. Internal recruitment gives the employees the opportunity to develop their …show more content…
2014: 119).

External Recruitment
In addition to internal recruitment the Fitzgerald’s Hotel should use external resourcing. I consider that external recruiting could also have advantages for the employer. Including external methods in the recruitment process tries to avoid missing new talents that could bring with them their knowledge and new ideas that could enhance the competitiveness of the hiring organization. However the company must carefully consider that external methods can be expensive and time consuming. “The appropriate cost-effective and appropriate method must be selected” (Torrington et al. 2014: 119).

For the new external recruits there are certain methods that the Fitzgerald’s hotel could

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