Case Study : Duties Of Assistant Manager Essay

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This is defined as executive organisational department.

General Manager: Manages whole store and staff.
Restaurant manager: manages the restaurant including food and safety.
Assistant manager: Duties of assistant manager are mostly similar to restaurant manager.
Shift running manager: duty of shift running manager is to make schedule.
Staff training crew: crew trainers help crew to be perfect. They always correct the crew.
Crew members: The duties of crew members includes of front counter, cashier, OT, presenter.
b) Systems and processes: There are lot of branches of McDonalds around New Zealand and they are serving near about 2.5 million people every week all over the New Zealand. In McDonald’s there is specific system and process. The Main motive of McDonalds is to attracting customers by giving them good quality of food at low prices. Every week, there are special deals for customers. They give their products at cheap prices. They also provide combos at low prices. Now McDonalds is going to provide new game tickets by which people can win cash daily. People can win up to $1000 cash prices daily. Due to these attractive deals some people become regular customers and McDonalds tell about these deals by providing voucher and pamphlets to the customers. They also tell to people by providing information on official pages. If they do surveys online about McDonalds customers can get vouchers. There is so much stuff in McDonalds. So, crew members do back wash daily it…

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