Analysis Of Mcdonald's Global Marketing Strategy

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1. Identify the key elements in McDonald’s global marketing strategy. In particular how does McDonald’s approach the issue of standardization?
Globalization involves developing marketing strategies treating the world to be a single entity. Globalized organizations have standard products, promotional campaigns, prices and distribution channels all over the world.
McDonalds marketing strategy is a mixture of global and local marketing. It is an ideal example where standardization and customization minimizes cost and maximizes satisfaction. The company provides a global framework of common goals, policies which are rooted in an organization’s core values. McDonald’s vision to be the world best quick restaurant is supported by the operational
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While a part of the strategy is to customize the products based on the countries and cultures, they can also apply the issue of standardization to target the huge market by
i) The image of the company is one of several things that are being adapted to new times. McDonald’s launched a new – and for the first time, global – marketing strategy in Germany at the beginning of September. The campaign focuses around the motto, “I’m lovin’ it” .The company says this approach will revitalize the brand in the entire world, unify its messages and integrate all its marketing moves.

ii) Core Products: The core products of McDonalds such as burgers, fries and drinks are basic consistent offerings. They should try to have the same quality of these products throughout the world.

iii) Fast Service: It is known for its quick service throughout the world. With this expectation, they can adapt a common system to ensure that fast delivery takes place
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Also McDonalds uses the supply of all the raw materials from local vendors. Also thanks to the changing lifestyle across the globe, more number of people are slowly adapting to the concept of fast food. The menu items are adapted specific to the countries culture, preference and background.
For example, In India there are no Big Macs because the Hindu people don’t eat beef. However they have McAloo Tikki which is a vegetarian burger specific to India. Still there are many customers who do not go to McDonalds because of the controversy of beef in their products.
The following things led to acceptance of McDonalds globally:
i) Because of the market share McDonalds has. ii) Acquisitions to acquire larger market and know the country’s culture better. iii) Change in lifestyle of people also led to acceptance of McDonalds globally with increased number of food transactions from outside.

3. At the end of 2003, McDonald’s announced it was selling the Donatos Pizza unit. Then, in 2006, the Chipotle chain was spun off. In light of these strategic actions, assess McDonald’s prospects for success beyond burger-and-fries

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