Case Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s mission and vision statement have been the company’s guide for its leadership in the global fast food restaurant industry. McDonald’s mission is to make their restaurant that customers will choose for their favorite place to eat and drink. Their company is dedicated to being a great place for people to work while being a strong and positive company in the community. McDonald's success has been credited to the synergy of the company, its franchisors, and its suppliers. Their business model has allowed the company to deliver locally-relevant restaurant experiences and allow flexibility in adjusting to changes in taste preferences in individual markets throughout the world. McDonald’s main financial focus for the company is
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To achieve this, McDonald's created a global strategy called “Plan to Win” which focuses on creating an amazing customer experience. “The “Plan to Win” strategy contains five factors: people, products, promotion, price and place,” (McDonald’s, 2017). McDonalds focuses on the customers as well as its own employees. By fostering a nurturing and motivating environment for the employees, guarantees maintenance of the company's customer service strategies. Balancing the needs of McDonald's franchise owners, employees and food suppliers is crucial to running the company efficiently, (McDonald’s, 2017). McDonald's also is striving to maintain their high standard of ethics in the workplace and give back to the community through McDonald’s charities, (McDonald’s, 2017). McDonald's strategies incorporate all factors that are essential to the company's continued growth and dominance in the market.

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