Borderline Personality Disorder Case Study

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Diagnostic Handbook III: Borderline Personality Disorder
Introduction Case Presentation
Monica Johnson’s grandmother contacted the counseling office to request her granddaughter meets with a counselor. She states, Monica’s behavior is out of control and she is using alcohol, having unprotected sex, displaying inappropriate anger and her moods are unpredictable. She cannot keep friends and Monica’s school has placed her on academic probation. Monica’s grandmother is worried because no one can handle her and she is requesting help for her granddaughter. Case Presentation Part A
Identification of Client Client, Monica Johnson., is a 20-year-old,
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She would say, “what goes in this house, stays in this house.” Therefore, Monica could not talk to anyone about her problems. Her mother knew she was angry, but did very little to help her; she thought it was just a phase. Monica’s mother taught her to internalize her feelings, but the stress of college and attempting to be perfect is just too overwhelming. Client reports she has a strained relationship with her grandmother. On one hand she “loves her,” but on the other hand, she “hates when she leaves her home alone.” Monica describes their relationship as “rocky.” She states “everything is fine when she is home,” but “I get mad when she leaves.” I curse her out, shout, and I will cut myself just to show her I am not playing.” “She admits her grandmother is afraid to leave her home alone and she is threatening to put her out of the house if she does not change. Monica states she also has a strained relationship with her father. She has male associates but states they are “only good for one thing.” They never stick around for the “long haul.” Her extended family “cut her off several years ago” and they have limited …show more content…
She is a Christian and states her grandmother goes to church 2x a week. Before losing her mother, she enjoyed going to church and being a part of a church community. Her mother taught her to depend on her faith to make it through the hard times in life. However, she is struggling because she depends on God for everything, but Monica thinks God has forsaken her.” She states “why would God take my mother and father?” Monica reports she goes through the “motions” and attends church just to be around her grandmother. She is “torn” because she knows her mother would not approve of her

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