Case Study: Designer Kitchen Products

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Step 1: Introduction - Summary of The Case Study
Designer Kitchen Products (DKP) sells a variety of high-class kitchenware to stores over Europe. Last year, the company has recruited a new sales manager who name as David Seymour, to boost the sales. Yet, he did not hit the target. The management team is very disappointed with the results in the UK and now they are planning to expand the business into Asia. A highly effective sales team is needed for the successful launching of the kitchenware products in next year. Also, there are different nationalities in the sales team. David Seymour’s responsibility is to motivate the sales team and ensure that they can get along with each other’s well and raise their performance.
Step 2: Problem Identification
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Firstly, the problem is that the sales team did not meet their sales targets due to the leadership skill of David Seymour is poor. A good leader would know the approaches to push them to activate their talents. He did not have truly motivated the team again the sales targets set for each of the member are low. Therefore, sales team do not feel the motivation from leader to push the sales until the max, they are just trying to reach the targets sales and let it be. Furthermore, David Seymour as a manager of the team, he did not get to know the rest of the team. To minimise effective and efficiency performance, manager plays important role in knowing the strengths and capabilities of his team which are mix with different nationalities. Moreover, David Seymour did not have an assessment to analyse each of the sales members. By having an assessment, we can know all the members strength and the weakness, therefore by knowing their weakness to minimise problems occurs and put in them in right position with their strength for maximize the productivity. As a manger, he did not build relationships between his employees. He did not examine the way they work together and take steps to improve communication, cooperation and trust among the team so that was why there was existence of serious conflicts among the team …show more content…
One of the way to minimize the workplace politics problem is through reducing the distance from company decisions. The average employee naturally becomes farther removed from executive leadership on a day-to-day basis when the organisations develop and add more management layers, structures and policies. Management teams should emphasize on that the distance from company decisions is a key factor which causing to politics infiltrating even the big and successful companies. (Fallon, 2014) Encourage transparency and communication among team members at all levels by holding the regular town halls, group lunches and regular meetings. Besides, employees should talk openly and honestly about the challenges the company is facing and make sure themselves to know what the company objectives are. The employees will be encouraging and supportive to the team members and they will not become judgemental and intimidating to other members when they are respecting and understanding each of the team members and their own roles. Furthermore, they should listen and trust to the team members’ ideas with information because the team members’ ideas can be used to overcome those challenges productively when leaders trust their team members and empower them with insights into company challenges.

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