Case Study : Computer System Analysts / It Essay

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Career Essay Research Paper: Computer System Analysts/IT A computer systems analyst may sound very cool, but it requires in-depth knowledge on different computer systems and how they work. Also you’ll need to know how to improve on the system for the organizations use. Thinking outside the box is also a must in this field because you will need to interpret complex information from various sources, and thus picking the best solution that may not come natural to you (“Computer Systems Analyst”). This job or career could become really stressful because if you don’t meet certain deadlines, it affects the consumer (Torres). Typically with working a minimum of 40 hours a week,you can find yourself pretty busy (Torres). With around 520,000 jobs open throughout the nation, you could work in many different industries. From an organization like Microsoft or as an consultant at a office. Now with months of consideration and planning, I’ve decided that this field is the right field for me. For the training at this job, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. Although some jobs don’t require this. Some places can hire if you have a degree in business, since this occupation is based in a business aspect. You can have the option to go for for a masters degree also. With a masters degree you can earn the position of IT manager, in which you oversee everyone else and make sure they are analysing that specific computer system the right way, in which it’s beneficial to the the…

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