Case Study : Competitive Position Of Flexibake Essay

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Competitive Position

FlexiBake has a strong customer base that evolves from the quick response times to customer needs and wants and its dedicated staff members. Even Carney himself was very easy to contact and was more than happy to communicate with us including his consumers. It is a strong financial business as it has no debt and continues to operate with low overhead. The company is thriving by providing the food industry a program which makes adhering to the current legislation regarding bioterrorism simple. This act refers to combating “introduction of an animal or plant disease or by chemical, biological, physical or radiological contamination of food or water. (Government of Canada, 2014)” Area 9.7.4 of the legislation refers to “restrict access of computer process control systems and critical data systems” (Government of Canada, 2014). Thus, businesses must be responsible for their current computer procedures and controls. This has opened a niche market that FlexiBake has entered. The program has made the process of recording and regulating incoming ingredients simple. Giving new entrepreneurs a software to use with little experience. FlexiBake recently launched their software FlexiBake Version 2 with integrated cloud technology. This has allowed customers to work with the program essentially anywhere without expensive server costs. Although the company has strong qualities it does have its weaknesses. Unlike other software developers for the food industry…

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