Case Study: Business Analysis: Pak Suzuki Motor Company

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Business Analysis is a set of tasks and techniques used as a connection between stakeholders. These help them to understand the firm’s structure and policies. The process can also recommend solutions which help to attain business goals. (Makos, 2015)

For the purpose of my research I will use a business analysis tool which I studied in P3 & that is SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

SWOT Analysis
This is often used in the initial stages. SWOT analysis helps to focus on what the external and internal factors are. The analysis helps to focus on the strengths and identify where the best opportunities are. It helps spot danger and to improve weaknesses. The 4 factors you will work within SWOT
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To fulfill its corporate goal the company is striving to market value packed vehicles that meet customers’ expectations. Additionally it continues to make valuable contribution to social development of Pakistan (Limited, 2014). In automobile industry critical success factors are styling of vehicles, an efficient dealers’ network and tight control of management costs. The company is working very hard in all these areas keeping in mind the competitive environment it is working in and constraints of economical, political and environmental factors of the …show more content…
It is the Pakistani assembler and distributor of cars manufactured by Suzuki and its subsidiaries and foreign divisions (Wikipedia, 2015). As Suzuki Motors is an incredibly famous brand this unyielding brand name is a noteworthy quality of Pak Suzuki Motors. This gives Pak Suzuki Motors the capacity to charge higher price for their items on the grounds that customers place extra esteem in the brand. (WikiWealth, 2014) In year 2014 it positioned as ninth in terms production of vehicles in the world. (Team, 2015)

Contribution to Society (CSR)
Pak Suzuki is committed to act responsibly, create value for its Stakeholders and to contribute to economic development of Pakistan. To ensure sustainability of CSR Activities Pak Suzuki has special emphasis on regular assessments and monitoring to help resolve problems and improve performance. Whilst enhancing the quality of life of their employees, they also believe in positively contributing to local communities and society at large (Pak Suzuki Motors,

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