Mkt 571 Marketing Scorecard Analysis

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• market-based scorecard analysis
• marketing audit
• marketing metric

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Which of the following is true regarding a marketing audit?
• It focuses on analysis of those marketing activities that have failed to produce adequate results.
• It focuses on a firm’s macromarketing environment.
• It identifies the most-needed improvements and incorporates them into a corrective-action plan with short- and long-run steps.
• It relies on feedback from company managers for data and opinions.

To protect a creative work from being published in any other manner, a company or author would ____________ the material.
• copyright
• patent
• trademark
• freelance

Which characteristic of a marketing audit is described by the methodical evaluation of the macro- and micromarketing environments, objectives and strategies, system, and activities?
• Independent
• Periodic
• Comprehensive
• Systematic

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• Marketing implementation
• Market watch
• Marketing control
• Test marketing

Which of the following is likely to be an important trend in marketing in the future?
• Marketing science
• Manual marketing
• Mass marketing
• Marketing intuition

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A PR practitioner may be subject to conspiracy in these situations: when the practitioner participates in illegal action, counsels or guides the illegal policy, takes part in it, or
• uncovers illegal action
• imagines illegal policy may occur
• cooperates to further illegal action
• unknowingly works with a corrupt agency

Which of the following is an example of a communication metric used for measuring the performance of marketing plans?
• Trial rate
• Sales growth
• Response

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