Case Study: 7 Things You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

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7 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing in 2017
Let’s bid adieu to 2016 and welcome the marketing changes we’ll see in 2017. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us to say that we could use a breather. Take moment, settle down, and melt into a cup of tea while we prepare for the blizzards of the upcoming year.

Our Tackle Topics for this Blog Post:
Why Make an App?
Video Marketing - Your Business, but Better
Figure Out Who’s Listening
Social Media Marketing - Use it or Lose it
SMS Messaging - The Low-Cost Favorite
Blah Blogs - Not Just Another Business Blog
Revisiting the Past, but Not Reliving It
Number 1: Make an App
You’re in line at your local coffee shop flicking through the somewhat daunting and definitely overpriced
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Social networks (like Twitter, Snapchat, etc) and Facebook alone account for nearly 20% of all mobile and desktop usage in 2017. Being active on social media networks not only allows you a direct connection to your customers, but also acts as a fast, cheap, and easy way to establish customer loyalty, bring in new customers, and establish a positive company reputation.

Additionally, this is going to be necessary for your next business venture - blogging.
Number 5: Just Keep Blogging
If you’ve been in the marketing scene for awhile, you’ve probably used a blog to boost organic traffic to your website or help boost your SEO. Additionally, this allows your customers to develop a personal relationship with your business. Below I’ve covered some of the biggest mistakes and strategies for developing a voice for your business.
My List of Do’s and Don’ts for Your Business Blog
Be receptive to your users - Listen to their wants and critique
Be professional, but informal - Your blog is a conversation
Foster a community - Reply to their comments!
Be open with your readers - Let them know what’s going on
Make an intuitive and responsive mobile site - Preach what you practice and optimize your blog
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You can read up on last month’s blog here for a more a detailed explanation of SMS for businesses. While we’re feeling some of the holiday strains around our waistbands and checking accounts, now is also a great time for us to explore new marketing techniques.
3 SMS Messaging Myths:
People hate getting texts from people they don’t know
Ok. You caught me. That’s true. I guess it’s a good thing that you asked them for permission before sending them that text, then. You’re always going to want to ask your customers for permission and allow them the chance to agree to receive texts and that charges may apply based on their cell phone carrier.
It doesn’t work if you’re not having a sale
Actually, having a sale or promotion in every text message you send out will decrease company value. You can also use texts as updates to new products, a recent shipment of your best-sellers, or to send appointment reminders.
Anything Easy Must Be Expensive
Nope. Not expensive. It’s actually extremely cost effective. It’s not the secret to unlocking a trove of untapped potential in a single click, however. SMS messaging takes some organization and scheduling to be effective. You’ll want to make sure that you text your customers once (or twice) a month, but not too often or else you may suffer from some customers turning away or opting

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