Essay on Case Analysis : Walmart 's Next Move

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Case Analysis: Walmart’s Next Move
Online Channels vs. Brick-and-Mortar
Smart phones and computers are widely ubiquitous and user friendly. The convenience and appeal is now motivating consumers to shop online more frequently. According to Kotler, and Keller “apparel and accessories, consumer electronics, and computer hardware are the three fastest-growing categories” (p. 498). All of these items are found in Walmart brick-and-mortar stores. The decision to adapt towards e-commerce became clear when the world’s largest retailer experienced a decline in growth. Walmart’s competitor, Amazon, experienced a different flex in sales that year. The online retailer reported a 19.5% in net sales for 2014. (Teach, 2015). Instead of downsizing their brick-and-mortar stores Walmart evolved to integrate online channels with their physical stores. The integration of online and physical marketing channels will result in:
“customer support in a store, online, or on the phone, check online for product availability at local stores before making a trip, find out in-store whether a product that is unavailable can be purchased and shipped from another store to home, order a product online and pick it up at a convenient retail location, return a product purchased online to a nearby store of the retailer, receive discounts and promotional offers based on total online and offline purchases” (Kotler, Keller p. 498). With 90% of all Americans living within ten minutes of a Walmart store…

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