Essay on Case Analysis : Office Space

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Case Background

In organizations, the main goal of the management, which they extend onto their employees is to complete as many tasks as possible, in the shortest amount of time. The tasks are usually given by the heads of the organization, which they pass on to the management, which they then give to the employees. The employees are tasked with completing these jobs to please their managers, who want the tasks completed in order to please the bosses of the organization. It is a recurring cycle with one thing in common that affect all in the cycle; everyone exhausts themselves for the sake of another. Oftentimes, the person they are trying to please do not care about the person performing the task, seeing them as a means to the end, as long as the ‘job gets done.’ As a result of the constant flow of tasks and disregard for the employees’ health, the employees become fatigued due to acquiring stress and they burnout. The company of Initech in the film Office Space had the employee Peter reaching his limit for the company, which resulted in him being exhausted, not only at work, but also outside of work. The stress from his job as a computer programmer led to him accepting that his life was terrible, and that their was nothing he could do about it.

Due to his acceptance of his life being dissatisfying, Peter just continued on throughout each day of his life submitting to every self-perceived negative aspect of it, such as not resisting when his boss Lindburgh tells…

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