Case Analysis : Crisis Counseling Essay

794 Words Oct 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Crisis intervention is identified to be very crucial in crisis counseling. It focuses on changing client’s perception, decreasing in client distress, and increasing in client functioning. Professionals utilize ABC Model to help the clients identifying the problem and developing coping skills to get through crisis. ABC Model refers to building up rapport with the client; identifying the problems; and developing the coping skills.
Building up the rapport with the clients is the fundamental requirement for an effective counseling session. Clients don’t care what counselors know, until they know that the counselors care. In class, I had couple opportunities to practice developing trust-worthy relationship with the “client”. I notice that it is easy to have the rapport with the client since we are role playing in the class. However, in the real counseling session. It is not easy to gain the trust from the client. If the there is no trust between the client and the counselor, the counseling session was ruined. I remember the first time I went to clients home to help her with parenting issues, I was like a teacher giving a lecture to the client. As I recall, there were little interactions between me and her during the whole 45 minutes. I didn’t have any rapport with the client. My trainer just briefly introduced me to her and told her that I was going to talk about appropriate ways to discipline her children. The client literally just know my name, similarly, I know so little…

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