Personal Narrative Essay: The Carnival Cruise Ship

I woke up so excited that I was literally running and jumping up and down around my house. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning! I woke up my parents and my brother and sister to get ready to leave the house and go to Long Beach to board on a cruise ship! The name of the cruise ship is called The Carnival Cruise Ship. I have been on a cruise ship once and it was so spectacular! We loaded our bags in the car to go and have breakfast. After breakfast, we were on the road to Long Beach. The car ride was about a hour long. When we got to Long Beach my sister and I started playing in the sand. My sister said,” I want to play in the water!”
My mom responded,” No, you can’t because the water is cold and you might get sick.” My sister was sad for the rest of the day because she didn’t go in the water. After I stopped playing in the sand we got in this long line to go into this building that has a bridge to board the cruise ship. It took us about an hour and thirty minutes to get inside the building. When we got in the building we had to get into another really long line to get our room keys and tickets to get on the cruise ship. After we got our room keys and tickets we had to get in another line to get past security. This time, it only
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During our wait my brother and I went to go play some mini golf. After that we went back to our room and waited for dinner. When we got to our dinner table the dinner room was decorated with streamers and balloons. When everybody was seated the waiters sang and danced a goodbye song. I was so sad because our waiter was the nicest waiter there. After they finished their goodbye song we ordered our food. I got the same thing as always. The steak was so juicy and the baked potatoes came with sour cream and bacon bits. It tasted so good! After we finished our food we ordered dessert. For dessert we got chocolate cake with cookies and cream ice cream. After dessert we went to our room and fell

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