Caring As A Nurse? Essay

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What is caring? In any health care profession caring is an important concept, but what does it really mean to care? Opinions on the meaning of caring vary depending on the person and the situation. It seems that most people think of caring differently than nurses do, and nurses think of caring differently than other healthcare workers. Which arises another question, is caring in nursing different than other healthcare disciplines? What does it mean to care as a nurse? Why is caring important in nursing? After speaking to friends and family the author has heard many different thoughts on what caring is believed to be defined as and has come up with a generalization of what caring is believed to be. Caring is generally described as being kind and considerate. Caring in nursing however is much more than just that. There are many characteristics of caring that need to be displayed by nurses in order to provide the best care for their patients.

Definition of Caring: Caring in nursing is much more than just assisting patients with personal hygiene care and distributing medication. Caring is defined as “displaying kindness and concern for others” in the Oxford online dictionary (2016), though there are many variations of the definition of caring throughout other dictionaries and many people have different ideas of what it means to be caring. “Care and caring have been identified as inherently difficult concepts to define, but many authors believe that care is…

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