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On Thursday, October 8th, I attended the seminar on how to successfully interview at Career Services. The seminar was done by Brian Creed. During the presentation I learned many tips on what to do during a professional interview. Some things I already knew but there was a lot of information that was new to me. I believe it is very important to know how to make your interview as successful as possible; especially since soon I will be apart of many interviews as I join the work force.
The seminar had tree main points. Those were: the pre-interview, what to expect during the interview, and the post-interview. The section on the pre-interview was about the callback to set up the interview. Creed’s main messages were that the phone call should be
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I didn’t know there were so many different types to expect. They include open ended, behavioral, qualifications, off-beat, stress, case study, opinions, and proven success. I learned that since you’ve gotten the interview, you have already proven you’re qualified and the questions address more of who you are as a person and how you’d fit in with the company or organization. Also what was introduced to me was the STAR method of answering questions. First you provide an example of a situation or task, then you describe the action you took, and then the results you achieved. It’s a simple way to answer questions completely and helps you know how to respond in an interview. What I think was the most surprising thing I learned was that you should send a thank you note; probably even two, one through email and one that is hand-written. I was not taught this and I discovered it is an extremely important part of the interview processes. There really was so much information that was new to …show more content…
I’ve only done two; one for my current restaurant job and the interview for LEADs. Both were very nerve racking and I knew very little about what to expect. Luckily, both ended up going well enough, but I could have really used the tips provided by Creed. Especially during my first ever interview with the store I am currently working at; I felt very unprepared for the questions that were asked and how to even do something as simple as give an example. I do remember that for my job interview, the manager I was interviewing with did ask very similar questions to what Creed said would be

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