Career-Search Information Interview

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Ms. Chen is the perfect interviewee for my career-search information interview, because of she is the graduate student in Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at ASU. Also, she has three years teaching experience on different communication courses, like COM 259(Comm Bus & the Professions), COM 100(Intro to Human Comm), and COM 263 (Elements Intercultural Comm) Through these courses, Ms. Chen has taught many communication skills and knowledge to students and she also is familiar with this kind of career. My major is business communication, and I’m very interested in communication studies and want to teach others how to use the communication skills in daily lives. Ms. Chen’s knowledge and expertise will help me prepare for my future career …show more content…
Chen, I have learned lots of things and found many things I didn’t prepare well. As one of a question mentioned, I asked Ms. Chen what other courses I should take. She told me she wished to take more classes about communication knowledges, then she can be more familiar about those concepts when she taught students. And another class is statistic, she told me that when she was doing her own research, statistic is a very important part. Have some basic statistic skills can be very helpful when you are doing analysis. I already took one statistic class, but I think it’s not enough. Also, I almost forgot all I learned from my statistic professor, I need to review it and practice it a lot. There are also some other courses I can take to develop my professional profile. My major is business communication, so I think I can have some organizational culture or communication class. Also, before this interview, Ms. Chen told me I can take some accounting and fiancé classes, it’s not only important for my career in this area, but also very helpful for my future study.
There are some critical interview questions, and Ms. Chen gave me so many insightful suggestions. For example, the question is “What was surprised you about your current position?” Ms. Chen told me that she didn’t expect that there are so many international students in her class, and the diversity of students is so rich. However, just like Ms. Chen mentioned in class, this class is about business and professional
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Chen has faced, and how did her get through those difficulties. She told me that she felt stressed when she was giving the class. And she prepared many scripts to help her giving the class. Also, she told me that in order to correct the pronunciation, she practiced reading a lot. Another difficulty she met is that she wished she has more knowledge about communication. Due to her study is aimed to social media before, so Ms. Chen told me that if she had more communication knowledge, she can use more vivid examples to help students to understand the concept. The last question is does Ms. Chen’s communication knowledge help her get through the difficulties in working and studying. The answer is yes, she mentioned that due to the learning of communication, she developed the sensitives about others’ culture backgrounds, and these sensitives support her to communicate to others more mindful and thoughtful. Also, during this time, Ms. Chen did lots of interviews. Those experiences can help her do a professional and efficient

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