Supply Chain Management Personal Statement

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1. For the first time I experienced the convenience of delivery, I became interested in the industry supply-chain management. With the popularity of e-commerce, supply chain management as a profession was practical and most importantly, it is where my interest lied. As a result, my short-term goal is to apply for the entrance of the broad business college supply chain management. Since this profession requires a high GPA, I am supposed to gain a high GPA . To achieve this goal, I commit myself to many extracurricular activities. For the first year, I concentrated on my study with a rigorous attitude. In class, I asked questions actively and participated in each review session. Faced with difficulties, I ask professors for help and did
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In senior year of high school, I was invited to serve as the representative of Chinese students and interpret to accompany executives of international students including MR. Gruesbeck, Linda Kim, and Linda Kim 's father to visit the residences of international students in Shanghai, Xi 'an, and Guangzhou. I was the only one who was good at Chinese among them, so I took the responsibility for helping executives conduct daily communicattion with the students ' parents. The most beneficial thing was that I enhanced my communication skills and management skills. In fact, my job was not only limited to the interpretation, because I also needed to help executives make arrangements for the parent-teacher conferences, such as informing each parent of the meeting time and place, arranging discussion time for every parent, managing the profile of each student, and discussing matters with agencies. It meant every day I had to manage different tasks, and communicated in two languages. The good news was that parent-teacher conferences held in these three cities eventually ran smoothly. I was very proud to represent the Chinese students to assist in parent-teacher conferences in China. Through this experience, I have boosted my communication skills and management skills. Communication and management are highly valued in the working environment and being a potential worker in manufacturing industry, I need to be especially communicative to avoid misunderstandings and efficient to manage …show more content…
As the captain, I was moved by the spirit of unity, cooperation and bearing hardship of members. Meanwhile, I also felt proud of myself that I kept calm and persistently when facing with adversity.

3 In the summer of 2015, four friends and I set up an online photography studio because of our interest, and served four groups of customers successfully during the nearly four-month summer vacation, with a total transaction amount of around 1000 dollars. The toughest task was to take wedding photographs for a couple. The couple obtained our information through social platform called Wechat. After a brief introduction of ourselves they expressed their mistrust in our qualifications. They also did not believe we could be competent enough to take wedding photographs for them. In order to gain the business of this newly married couple, we took the initiative to contact them and provided them with a relatively favorable price, in addition to an opportunity of test shot. In the process of negotiating, the couple was very satisfied, and chose us to take charge of their wedding photography after taking the favorable price into

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