Essay on Career Report : My Life

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Career Report Three hundred sixty five days after November 19th, 2000, a fully grown, peaceful, knowledgeable women, who I love to call my mother, laid out multiple objects on the cold, clean marble floor for me to choose from. The objects laid out on the thick and hard flooring include: a used notebook, a dead battery, a calculator, a stethoscope and a wooden twelve-inch ruler. Out of these objects, I, still just an infant, picked up the stethoscope without realizing. Although my memories of this event are practically non-existent, I remember my caring mother telling me the story of my first birthday and providing pictures of me picking up the stethoscope. Strangely enough, fourteen to fifteen years later, I research careers and colleges which I could possibly be interested in, and many of those careers involve medicine such as pharmacist, surgical technologist, and anesthesiologist. A pharmacist must be a good speaker in order to communicate and interact with his or her patient to prescribe them medication. It is recommended that a pharmacist should be bilingual or trilingual for easier communication with the patient. A pharmacist must inform their patient about safe and unsafe drug dose and usage. Pharmacists usually work in a grocery store, drug store, hospital or other health care facilities. In May of 2014, the annual salary of a pharmacist was $120,950. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field will…

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