Career Anchors Essay

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CAREER PLATEAU: Career plateau is the point in time in a professional's career, where the possibility of a vertical promotion is less. The position of the employee becomes stagnant with same and repetitive work and responsibilities. Because of the way organizations are shaped, the hierarchy of organizations reduce the possibility of employees to grow vertically after a point in time. At every higher level of organizational hierarchy, the number of positions decrease. Hence upwards mobility becomes difficult with the positions not being open or with more people vying for the same position. When the employees feel trapped and stuck in such situations, the Human Resource function of the organization is responsible …show more content…
Work locus of Control: The influence of personality on career mobility may also come indirectly through career anchors. Factor personality can trigger the existence of perception career plateau of individuals, namely work locus of control. Work locus of control refers to the extent to which people believe they control reinforcement at work. There are two types of locus of control i.e. internal and external locus of control. People with internal locus of control believe that they control their own rewards, whereas people with external locus of control believe that other or luck control their reward. It has been found that persons with external locus control experienced the individual’s life is determined by the environment where they are. In an organizational setting, individuals will think that the organization system determine the future of their employees. Their career progress is influenced by the assignment of human resource management. Individual realized that their career is determined by their life. Individuals with internal locus of control believe that can exercise some control over events and rewards related to their action and demonstrate strong involvement in their reward. If individuals have internal locus of control, the growth of career will be a process of continuous learning. It is a combination of the person, work challenges, and relationship. Individuals can learn from any connection in the work environment, it can be co-worker, subordinates, customers, superiors, or members of various formal and informal

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