Career Counseling Intervention ( Perdrix Et Al Essay

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The authors recruited 199 French-speaking participants to engage in a career counseling intervention (Perdrix et al., 2012). Nearly 70% of the sample consisted of students, (i.e., middle school (at the end of mandatory education), high school, or university, and the rest were adults; Perdrix, et al., 2012). In addition, all participants sought career counseling services voluntarily (Perdrix, et al., 2012). The authors attempted to recruit a sample that was representative of individuals who were actively seeking career advice in Switzerland (Perdrix et al., 2010). Perdrix et al. (2010) organized the participants into two groups based off of age, (i.e., 14 to 21 years old and 22 to 56 years old). Perdrix et al. (2010) stated that this bimodal age distribution was helpful for the interpretation of results because individuals under the age of 21 tended to be seeking initial career advice, where as individuals over 21 tended to be in the process of changing careers. While there were originally 199 participants, only 84 completed all pre- and post-measures (Perdrix, et al., 2012).
Quantitative data was collected using two measures. First was the Career decision difficulties questionnaire (CDDQ), which has a theoretical basis, detects difficulties throughout the decision-making process, and observes the changes in difficulties over time (Perdrix, et al., 2012). Second was the SWLS, which assessed participants’ overall well-being (Perdrix, et al., 2012). To obtain…

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