Career Case Study : My Mother Essay

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Career Autobiography Case Study For the purpose of this case study assignment, the person that I chose to interview was my own mother. My mother’s name is Jenny. She was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1942. I chose to interview my mother because she is a generation prior to my own and I was curious as to how people went about and succeeded in pursuing their career choices prior to my own. I pondered on these questions prior to my interview with her. I realize how much society has changed and how far technology has come between the years of our two generations. My mother didn’t have the tools that we have today to explore career opportunities. There was no internet to job search, no GPS technology to navigate her way to job interviews, and no real need for a resume; it pretty much came down to the cliché “What you see, is what you get.” My mother started her career in 1954 when she was only 12 years old. My mother said that all her neighbors saw that she was the caregiver to her siblings while my grandparents went to work. Many of the neighbors offered her the opportunity to earn her first wages by babysitting their children and ironing clothes. She earned wages in this manner for about two years. My mother said that all of her neighbors were friendly and that she was thankful that she could earn money for the family. At the age of 14, she was hired by Rainbo Records in Los Angeles, where she actually made the 12 and 7 inch vinyl records. I researched this company and I…

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