Career And College Research Paper

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Career and College Research Paper Choosing the right career in life is like going to the mall with your parents and saying you really want something, then the next store you go to has something even better. In other words, you will find something you’ve always wanted to do in life and then when it comes time to do the research and find out more about it you suddenly change your mind. In most cases your career will change three-four times so it is important you consider all aspects when finding the right career for you. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making this decision. The job of a police officer can be fairly easy sometimes. Most cases you start your day out with a hot coffee or a 5 hour energy drink to give you the boost you need for the task at hand. Often times depending on what department you work at you can choose your hours. The job of a police officer is a 24 hour job. An officer tends to work 5 eight hour shifts per week, this includes days and night shifts (“How Many Hours Does a Cop Have to Work Daily? And Can They Take Weekends Off?”). Your job is a local job within the city you work for, you drive your daily route or patrol your jurisdiction looking for people not abiding by the laws sometimes you have to accost someone and you make the proper stops and write tickets if necessary. People will often look at you and wonder…

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