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Contemporary issues in health and social care

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This unit will provide learners with an understanding of methods used to bring information about contemporary health and social care issues to the public, progressing to examining how these methods can influence public opinion.
Learners will also have the opportunity to explore a contemporary health and social care issue of particular interest to themselves. They will study the different perspectives which can be taken on the issue and analyse the consequences of these perspectives on the
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raise awareness, instil fear, shock, causing panic, empowerment, political influences, ideological and religious influence)

Reliability and validity of media information

(e.g. data sources, objectivity, methods used to gain information, hidden agendas, scientific evidence, provenance). LO3 Be able to carry out research into different perspectives on a specific issue relating to health and social care
Specific health and social care issues

(e.g. NHS reform, regulation, care of older people, hospital standards, safe-guarding, personal responsibility for health and well-being, postcode lottery of services/treatments, enquiries into cases such as Baby P, Mid-Staffs Hospital, Winterbourne
View abuse scandal)

Different perspectives

National (e.g. service providers, regulatory bodies, government, national media)
Local (e.g. practitioners, service users, action groups, local media)

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Carry out research

(e.g. primary and secondary data sources, establish reliability of sources, reliability and validity, bias, ethical considerations, local relevance of findings)

Different perspectives

(e.g. service user, service provider, acknowledged


(e.g. logic, reason, values and beliefs, culture, media). LO4 Understand the likely influence contemporary perspectives on health and social care issues have on the development of services

Towards (e.g.

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