Capitalism And Western Philosophy Have Taken The World By Storm

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Capitalism and western philosophy have taken the world by storm. The global economy is transforming and countries all around the world have to evolve and adapt to survive this new economic wave created towards the end of the twentieth into the twenty-first century. In this Darwinistic economy it is important that countries adapt to the ever changing global economy. The dawn of computers on human civilization has created an environment that is re-writing the books on free trade and the American work force. Automation and artificial labor is having a massive effect on both the economy and the number of job available in this day and age. College is becoming increasingly important for the American population as our country transitions into an hour glass economy. Higher education is being seen as the gateway to living a comfortable lifestyle and will increase both the salary and living standard of an individual. Secondary education will help America transition out of the industrialized economy into an information based economy. This has left cities that were economic powerhouse to wither away like a plant without fertilizer. These buildings and cities are industrial relics of an era that has come and gone. Progress can be destructive but also breeds creation. America has to transform so is can get used to the macro economic transformation of the global economy also, new economies are popping up in countries due to free trade. “Globalization isn 't killing factory jobs. Trade…

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