Can Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers? Essay

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Can Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers? When I was growing up meat was always a consistency in the household. It was present in meals almost every day. Weekend mornings brought eggs with sausage and bacon. Homemade chicken soup whenever a family member was under the weather. Holiday meals were notorious in family for being large and celebrated. My favorites included corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day, and the turkey and stuffing we had with Thanksgiving dinner. My parents were the type to introduce me to new foods whenever possible in hopes of avoiding the development of picky eaters. At the same time I began developing an interest in animals and at the age of 9 I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. When you hear that someone is a vegetarian or a vegan some of the first thoughts that can come to your head are usually “oh so they’re an animal rights activist?” or “I wonder if they are a pretentious hippie.” Many people, myself included, become vegetarians for health reasons. When I turned 14 I began to feel nauseous and my health was declining. I would spend weeks at a time out from school because I would have almost flu-like symptoms that would come and go. I went to multiple doctors and nutritionists and they couldn’t figure it out. I was finally put on a medicine that helped certain symptoms go away but it also compromised my immune system. This led to me always being one of the first to get sick whenever something was going around the school.…

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