Camaros Essay

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Directions: Think about individual products and the company that makes them. Describe three generations of that product (past, present, and future). Then in a multipage write-up, answer why was there change, what changed, and what will be the challenges and issues (business and technical) of the future generation.

On September 12, 1966, General Motors first displayed a preview of their next generation car, the Camaro. There were two main reasons why General Motors came out with this car. First, General Motors was trying to create a new type of car to satisfy consumer’s desire for a strong and faster type of car. Second, it was General Motor’s way to compete with Ford’s new Mustang. When the Camaro first came out, it was classified as
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Next, they included independent rear and front suspension for a smoother ride and larger disc brakes from increased handling and safety. There are many other changes that were made, but the thing to note is why all these changes were made. First, consumers constantly have a desire for a better, more efficient, and more powerful car. Second, as technology increase, the cars are updated and changed. Third, there are more regulations cars must satisfy and they achieve this through their evolved improvements. Even though the 5th generation Camaro completely dominates its 4th generation counterpart, that does not mean, the 4th generation Camaro wasn’t an amazing car. When the 4th generation came out in 1993, in incorporated all of the state of the art specs of its time. This Camaro had one of the top ranked engines of its time and the brand new 4L60E, electronically induced, automatic transmission. They also equipped it with a new dual catalytic converter as well as a high performance on-board diagnostic system, the OBD-II. However, in 2002, sales started declining to the point where General Motors was considering canceling the production of the Camaro, and production was actually paused for seven years while they reconstructed the Camaro to create the 5th generation. As great as

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